Friday, January 20, 2012

John Family Photo - 1939

Is this not a gem of a find??  Even better, is that my sister had all the information for who they all are.
On the occasion of my Great Grandparent's 50th Wedding anniversary in 1939. These are:

back row: Winifred Frost, Noel Frost, Ida (Adeline) Frost (with glasses) Elizabeth Frost, nee Boxall, David Frost, Thomas John, Elsie John, nee Frost, Dorothy Wyatt, nee Frost, Jack Ernest Styles(grandma's son by first marriage), Jim Wyatt 
middle row: Gwen John, John (Jack) Frost, Elizabeth Wyatt, Martha Frost nee Lawrence, Jean John 
front row: Marion Frost, Harold John, Elsy John, Enid Frost

I remember Aunty Ida in the early 70's - always playfully arguing with Grandma (Elsie John) about who was the elder.  I also remember going to visit Aunty Elsy somewhere near Essendon every Christmas and walking down to a local Nativity Display at night.  When I got my first car and headed out for a 'road-trip', somehow it was arranged that I visited Aunty Gwen who lived at that time (early 80's) in Tea-Tree Gully in South Australia.  Aunty Jean is the lovely lady who loaned me her photo albums, so I could scan these treasures.    And there is my Dad - pretty much as he was all through his life - front row, centre - surrounded by women!

I don't remember ever socialising with the Styles, Wyatt or Frosts.  Perhaps contact with these cousins dissolved by the early 1970s. 

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  1. I have been doing my genealogy for a much shorter time than you but you really caught my eye with the John Family. I too have John(s) relatives. My great grandparents on mom's side. I have an Ida and Elsie. Wouldn't that be cool if they were all tangled together!