Saturday, January 14, 2012

So Many Surnames - We have to start somewhere!

Goodness Me!

So Many Surnames !!
I've been pottering around with Family History for over 20 years.  Sporadic to the extreme, often with years between fits of dabbling.
I admit that in my early enthusiasm, I posted on various tree websites, a family tree - Such long-ago passwords forgotten that I can no longer access my own information to edit my own tree.
So many computer crashes, where digital information is lost.  Thank goodness that I started up with a simple 3x5 index card system, which makes so much sense when I physically lay the cards out on the floor to trace ancestry.
Fast-Forward to 2012
A recent visit to my 92 year old Aunt and 90year old Aunt & Uncles in Law prompted a revival of family history.  That, and contact with a direct 3rd cousin from America via facebook.
The immediate result was scanning some borrowed photos and documents - and I know this will lead onto a further discovery and picture trail.
Perhaps I do this for myself, perhaps to assist my sons when they finally show some interest in the past - perhaps for future generations.
My sister has spent many years delving into family history, and I owe a great deal of thanks for the time she has invested.  In comparison, I am merely a hobbyist.  I hope not to lead anybody on incorrect pathways.
For future posts, I will endeavour to label each one with the relevant surname - for ease of searching.
Please bear with me as I develop this blog - it will be a constant work in progress.

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